You Need To Be Careful While Forwarding Islamic SMS and Emails

If you have just received an Islamic sms and now you intend to forward it as it is, please stop for a minute. Do you know what you have received is actually a saying of Holy prophet s.a.w.w or verse of Quran or any saying of any caliph?  If you do not know then the best thing is to discard the sms because you do not know if what you have received is a truth or a lie.

Lying is a grave sin, and if belied in the name of ALLAH or Muhammad s.a.w.w, it becomes a gravest sin. We do not have to forward any sms which contain Islamic content and we do not know if it is right ad authentic or not.

There are some fitna people who mostly belong to qadiyani group, who make nonsense statements are then forward them as saying of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w or any other religious personality. Since qadiyanis do not believe in sunnah so they do this filthy act without any problem, but because we are muslims and we know that if we belie in the name of ALLAH or Muhammad s.a.w.w we will be heel accountable. Also, to say a thing about deen which is not present in deen is called innovation and it is disliked by Muhammad s.a.w.w. an innovator earns nothing but hell and those who follow the innovator also earn the same.

It is because we are given Quran, we have it in our homes but we do not care to read it. if we only read Quran, our misconceptions will be erased and we will be able to see what is right and what is wrong.
There are few emails and sms saying “do not right saw instead right s.a.w.w and do not say mosque say masjid ” etc, these are all baseless , false and plain lies. Sometimes these nonsense sms and emails are associated with renowned religious personalities like the aforementioned sms/ email is not been propagated with dr. zakir nik’s name. ask yourself, a person who spent his life in defending islam, how can he make such nonsense statements.

If you receive a quranic verse in email or sms, do verify it, and if you find it wrong, do type the correct verse and send it to the sender, in this way you will be able to correct what is being made wrong. Similarly, there are some shia people, who associate so much lies and stories with hazrat ali r.a. and they send those false and lies in emails and sms, the better thing is to discard such sms because we do not have any means to verify those stories from authentic sources.

If you receive a message saying “do not send verses of Quran insms / email because it is a sign of qayamt that people will erase Quran with their own hands”, what a crap! When ALLAH swt Himself said that HE is the protector of Quran, how can we or ay one dare to erase Quran? This is utter nonsense of one actually believes in this sms or email.

To do dawah and to spread the message of islam is the prime duty of every muslim, we will be asked for our purpose of life, so we should not forget it. Telling others about islam and Quran via emails and sms is not a sin but a good deed. But it should be done with utmost care. We are not scholars, we should not pass judgments based on our own views but we should relie on what the learned have said.
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