Why You Got This Life? Why You Are In This World?

Ever wondered why you have been selected to be given life and to be sent to this world? If not then start thinking about it now, at this very moment. Sometimes life gets difficult and sometimes we find it easy to spend. Sometimes we do not know what is happening around and sometimes we even are concerned with others’ lives, but we forget to think about our life’s purpose.

If we open Quran, ALLAH says that HE did not give us life but to worship Him alone, easy!!! No, actually it is the most difficult thing for humans to do. We are muslims we know we have to worship ALLAH. But do we really do that? We offer salah five times a day, we recite Quran daily, and we do the other religious activities daily as our daily routine. What we do not do is to live a day of purpose. Our purpose of life is to live for ALLAH, but we live for ourselves instead. In everything we do every day we focus our own selves, our own desires, ourselves, we do not focus on our purpose of living.

When we raise our hands for dua, most of us ask for the things related to us only, but whatever we ask for circles around our own sleves, it never goes beyond “us”. Let us take a step ahead and see what lies beyond us. Beyond our circle live other lives. Our parents, kids, siblings, friends, neighbors, relatives, and society overall. Do we realize the needs and troubles of these lives? Most of us will say yes we do, in reality, the answer lies not on our tongue but it lies inside our heart. Ask yourself, if you ever felt someone else’s pain? If you ever tried to look outside the circle of “self” and looked and felt the things going on with other people, if no then this is the point from where starts actually life.

Try to stand outside the circle of self, and it is not difficult, it is very easy, if you are able to understand your pain, you will be able to understand the pain fo others. If you can shed tears for your problems you wile b able to shed tears for others’ problems as well. To attain this stage i.e. life, you must let yourself feel the other’s emotions. If you are told a problem you should be able to identify the core issue.

Islam encourages us to lead life, but unfortunately, somewhere is the race of money and personal gains; we forget life and start living “self”. Remember, we are not given “self ” we are given life. We will be asked for the life, not for the self. Those who lead only “self” will stand empty handed on the Day of Judgment. But those who lead life or at least try to lead life, they will be the happy people. How to lead life the best example is the life of Muhammad s.a.w.w, our beloved prophet. He s.a.w.w led life which was really a life, full of purpose.
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