Journey of Yvonne Ridley

After spending 30 years of her life in journalism and seeing the world with a practical and critical approach, Yvonne ridley embraced islam and became yet another example for the non muslim world who know nothing about islam and yet they are biggest enemies of islam.

Yvonne ridley is a british national and she started her professional journalism career 30 years ago. She worked with top news papers like The Sunday Times, The Observer,Daily Mirror and Independent on Sunday. She alsp worked for women rights organizations and raised her voice for the rights of women independently. She won many prizes for her excellent coverage of different assignments and she particularly traveld to the war torn areas, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc. she was working for Sunday express for an assignment when she was caught by Taliban in 2001 during her illegal entrance in Afghanistan. She had no visa but she was eager to enter Afghanistan to work on her assignment, so with the help of two Pakistani nationals she tried her luck but was spotted and caught by Taliban.

During her captivity for 11 days, she was investigated for her purpose of entering Afghanistan and she says that it was then she saw what Taliban really were. She knew them as barbarian people with no humanity, but when she saw them closely she got to know that she was living among the most humane people. she fought for the women rights and she found herself the ultimate solution for the rights of women. She was told about islam by a prominenet muslim scholar in Afghanistan and she decided to read quran. Unlike the popular claims that she was forced to accept islam, she says that she was told to embrace islam and she said that she will study quran first.

After the through study fo quran, she finally embraced islam in 2003. She said that during her captivity, se was dealt with utmost respect. Her room, where she was kept, was locked from INSIDE and the key of the door to her room was handed over to her so that she can feel herself safe. She still says that she was shocked by the attitude of those people whom world called barbarians.

Now, it is the same Yvonne ridley who speaks about islam, defends islam and speaks against USA and her allies and Israel in particular and criticizes these states for their brutalities. She is very outspoken and a defender of Taliban.

Through Yvonne ridley, we got to know that the people who enforced islam in Afghanistan were good people. they were true muslims, their image was maligned in the eyes of the world because they are brave muslims. It is Yvonne ridley who also criticizes the “sisterhood” and women rights of the west because now she realizes that in the name of women rights, women are made objects of show off. She has also been given death threats because of her knowledge and her slap on the face of western powers.

Like Yvonne ridley, there are many other examples in the world who accepted islam and give a message to the world that islam is the best thing they ever found. It is special mercy on us by ALLAH swt that when somebody accepts islam, the west gets furious and in its anger, its secrest are reveled. Surely, ALLAH plans better than kafirs.
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