How to treat children in light of Islam

Children are one of the blessings of ALLAH. ALLAH swt tests HIS slaves by either giving them kids or by taking their kids back from them. Sometimes people wish for kids but they do not have them until they die. Children are one of the biggest responsibilities that ALLAH bestows to HIS men. It is responsibility of parents to  bring up their kids in a way that they could become good humans.

If parents do not care to mold their children’s rain in a way a muslim should think, this will be their trial in this world and they will be held responsible for this. If kids are good, they become sadqa-e jariha for parents, but if children do not find good in their parents and become the same, parents suffer for this even in the hereafter and this becomes a continuous azab for them. Therefore, to have children means to get ready for the challenge.

There are rights of children that parents should know and they should fulfill them in order to save their children, their race and themselves from the hell fire. If only parents are good muslims, they can make their children good muslims as well. If after all the tries of parents, children do not become good, then there will be no sin on parents.

Medical science says that a child inside his mother’s womb starts listening to what his mother says and in which environment he lives. When he is born, he starts memorizing the sounds that he hears. So the child’s learning starts prior to his birth. the mother’s responsibility starts from the day she conceives. She should make duas for her child to be born, to be a good muslim.

When the child is born, now it is both, mother’s and father’s duty to be nice and gentle with their kid. They should not curse the kid for the short of rizq because ALLAH does not send a soul before giving him riaq for life time. Parents should not kill their children out of fear of hunger or anything because the life is given by ALLAH and it is only HE who owns our lives.

To give their children proper education and to make them understand Quran and Sunnah is a must for the parents so that their children could know which religion they belong to. If the roots of a plant are weak, plant dies in no time. Similarly, if children are not told what islam is, they lose their way and never come to the right track except from ALLAH’s mercy.

It depends primarily on parents to either try to make their children good or bad. If they realize their duty and themselves are good muslims, they will make it sure that their upcoming generation will be a practicing group of muslims, if they are not good muslims themselves, they cannot claim the share of goodness from their kids.
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