Why Sometimes Our Dua Not Gets Accepted?

Dua (asking for help from Allah) is the weapon of a Momin whose literal meaning is invocation. A Momin talks to his Allah directly in Dua. In Dua He/She asks Allah to end his problem or give something that his/her heart wants. Every Dua that a true believer do is heard by Allah SWT.

Many a times when we do a dua it gets accepted and we get the thing for which we asked in the Dua. But sometimes our Dua not gets accepted so what is the reason for it? According to a Hadith of Rasool Allah SAW when a Momin do Dua from Allah SWT then one of the following three things happens.

1 His Dua gets accepted and he gets the thing he wanted.

2 He will get reward for his Dua in the hereafter not in this world.

3 he is saved from a loss that was about to come in his life but he not knew about it.

So one of these three things must happens when a Momin do Dua in-front of Allah SWT.

A Hadith says that a person who eats Haram his dua not gets accepted. Similarly if we don't offer Salah regularly, don't fast in Ramadan, not give Zakat our Duas may not get accepted. If we are impatient or don't have trust that our Duas will be accepted then also our Duas may not get accepted. If we are involved in too many sins that can also be cause of our Duas not getting accepted.

Doing Dua is a great Virtue and Allah SWT loves those believers who do Dua with tears in their eyes. Prophet SAW said "Nothing is more dear to Allah than one's supplication to Him."

Allah SWT says in Surah Ahzaab of the Quran "And put your trust in Allah Alone; and enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs."

So we should always trust Allah SWT and keep faith that he will accept our Duas. we should also do good deeds and avoid Haram.
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