Read Quran, Understand It and Follow It

Holy Quran is the best book on the face of the earth because its writer is not any human but creator of this world Allah SWT himself. He is our creator and he sent Quran towards us a instruction manual so that we can spend our lives in a good way. This Holy book guides us regarding various issues of our lives which we cannot solve ourselves.

Allah SWT said in the Quran "And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition"  This verse of the Quran Kareem teaches us that we should read the Holy Quran with understanding.

But the sad fact of today's Muslim world is that many of us don't read the Quran and others only read it to get Sawab. We don't read it to understand and follow. Those Muslims who understand Arabic can understand its meaning. but those Muslim who don't know Arabic can't understand the meaning of Quran. Such Muslims should read Quran with translation. Quran translation is available in almost all languages.

Don't consider Quran just a book that should be read to get Sawab but remember Quran is a guidance so we should read it with understanding and implement it in our lives.

Ajar of reading Quran is also great. a Hadith of Rasool Allah SAW says "Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten".

Virtue of remembering Quran is also great according to Hadith. Rasool Allah SAW says Such a person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes in Heaven.

So its clear that reading Quran has only benefits and if we will also understand it the benefit will become double.
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