Should Dramas Like Ishq E Memnu Be Allowed In Islamic Societies?

These days a Pakistani TV Channel Urdu 1 is telecasting a Turkish Drama Serial Ishq E Memnu with Urdu dubbing which is getting a very high TRP in Pakistan.

People specially Young girls are getting mad for this drama serial. Sadly the story of this drama is really dirty. in this Drama a boy is shown having affair with wife of his paternal uncle and same boy is also getting married to daughter of his ucnle. the women in drama also wear very bold dresses.

The Drama is presented in such a attractive way that masses are watching it. but the question arises here is that does such Dramas be allowed in Islamic societies that are making pure relations dirty?

Can we imagine such story in a Pakistani drama serial? Where we less destroyed by Indian dramas that now such dirty Western dramas are also getting telecasted on our TV channels?

Now the same Channel Urdu 1 is bringing a new drama in which two men are shown having affair with wives of each other.  Supreme Court of Pakistan should order Pemra to block all such dramas Immediately otherwise our destroyed society will get more destruction.

Whatever we will show to our daughters they will do the same in future.
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