Getting Knowledge is obligatory In Islam

It is obligatory duty of every Muslim in this world to get as much as knowledge as he/she can. We should strive for knowledge through out the life and there should be no limit of age for this great purpose. The best utilization of spare time is reading following:

1. Quran , its translation and its tafseer.
2. Books of Hadith
3. Books on Seerah
4. Books about Sahabas
5. Books teaching Arabic Grammar
6. Books on terminology of Hadith.
7. Different Islamic Books

If we will spend our spare time in reading books inshaAllah Allah swt will enlighten our souls and and fill our brains with wisdom and knowledge. Remember that Hadith of Rasool Allah SAW that gaining knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim man and women.

one of the reason of downfall of Muslims is also not gaining the knowledge. See the literacy rate of Muslim world and you will be shocked. We Muslims must remember that we can only be successful if we will get knowledge of our Deen and modern knowledge of this world.
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