Hindu Extremist Groups Starts Campaign Against Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik is without any doubt one of the greatest Muslim Scholar of our times who have great Knowledge of not just Islam but also other religions like Christianity, Hinduism etc. infect his knowledge of other religions is even more than scholars of those religions.

Example of his dialogue with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Pastor Ruknuddin Henry are in front of us. Dr Zakir Naik is very popular not only among Muslims but also non-muslims. Thousands of Christians, Hindus and people of other religions accepts Islam after listening to his Lectures.

But His enemies are also not less who are feared of his Knowledge and how people are accepting Islam on his Dawah. Recently some Hindu Extremist Groups have started campaign against Dr Naik and are also trying to stop his upcoming Islamic Peace Conference 2012 in Mumbai that will start from 13 December,

Hindu Extremist groups are feared that in result of effective speeches by Dr Naik more Hindus will accept Islam that is why they wants to stop his Conferences and Dawah programs specially in Maharashtra.

On other hand Dr Zakir Naik is continuing his Dawah of Islam without taking any pressure.

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