Complete Family System Is Another Beauty of Islam

Islam is beautiful and it is indeed a great blessing of Allah on the humanity. Living life by following the guidelines of Islam is the only solution for the humanity otherwise it will continue to get destruction.

Today Science has became so advance but still it not provides solution for main problems of humanity but our religions Islam provides the solution for these problems. For example lets talk about the family system.

First of all see the situation of west. the family system is badly destroyed in Western countries. Most of kids not knows who are their fathers? This problem exists because of going against the orders of Allah SWT.

Allah SWT has made the institution of marriage for humans. Marriage keeps the family system safe and saves us from wrong path of Zina. In Western countries people started to keep relations outside marriage which resulted in destruction of family system. Cheating is also more common there and that is because of free mixing and no Hijab.

Now see the Muslim society. In Islamic Societies the Family system is very strong because institution of marriage is strong. Divorce rate is low because cheating on your partner is low. You will hardly find a Kid who don't know name of his father.

Islam indeed provides us the solution for all problems but sad thing is that even we Muslims not follows it completely as it should be followed.
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