16 Tips To Become Better Muslim

A Muslim believes that this life is a test for the hereafter. For a True Muslim this life has less importance and his real target is to become successful in hereafter and go to Jannah where he/she will live forever happily without any fear and tensions.

For This purpose a Muslim tries to become a Better Muslim in this world. He tries to do good deeds in his daily life and stay away from the Haram deeds.

Here are some tips that can help you in becoming a better Muslim.

1 You should offer Salah regularly. it will increase your Emaan and give you strength.

2 Do Dua Often and ask Allah SWT to help you in becoming a Momin.

3 Remember you have to die one day. This life will pass one day.

4 Read Holy Quran and understand it. Reading Quran with translation will greatly help you to go good deeds.

5 Try to stay away from the sins of every kind.

6 Control your hands, tongue, body from doing anything wrong.

7 Help the poor people by charity and Zakat.

8 Also Keep fasts in months other than Ramadan.

9 Try To follow Sunnah in every matter of life.

10 Control your anger and try to smile.

11 Say Asslam Alikum whenever you meet someone.

12 if you can afford go for Hajj and Umrah

13 Volunteer yourself in good works for humanity.

14 Respect your parents and all other people.

15 Stay away from lie because its root of other sins.

16 Try to stay clean and neat. Cleanness has great importance in Islam.

These 16 tips can really help you out to become a better Muslim :)
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