8 Tips To Offer Salah (Namaz) With More Concentration

Salah Or Namaz is most important worship in Islam and In Islam it is necessary to offer Salah five times a day regularly.

Fajr , Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha are the names of five prayers that Muslims offers daily. Salah is a way for a Muslim to get connected to God. In Salah and person remembers Allah and bows down to him. Offering Salah gives us peace and comfort and its also a great virtue.

Lot of people offers Salah but can't keep Concentration and even keeps on thinking about their personal matters during Salah. Here are some tips for these people to increase Concentration during Salah.

1 To Increase Concentration in Salah you should learn its meaning in your language if you don't know Arabic. When you will know the meaning of what you are reading during Salah it will help you to keep more Concentration.

2 Find a good place to offer Salah where there is no disturbance or noise. some people offers Salah where voice of other people or TV keeps on coming.

3 Try to do Wudu before every prayer.

4 Keep your dress neat and clean.

5 Try to control yourself from thinking about matters of world and try to keep your attention in Salah.

6 Try to pray regularly without leaving any Salah.

7 If you are thirsty or hungry then complete your these needs and then offer salah.

8 Keep your eyes down instead of watching on other sides.

Inshallah by following these 8 Tips you will able to focus more on your Salah.
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