10 Signs of a True Muslim

True Muslim is a person who follows Islam completely in his life and not just specific guidelines of Islam. His every act of life is according to Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. He is good in his religion as well as good in his life matters.

Jannat Ul Firdous the highest level of the Paradise is also made for such people by Allah SWT. Following are 10 Signs of a True Muslim. If you find these signs in a person he is a True Muslim.

1 He offers his prayers regularly, Keeps Fasts and offers all other worships.

2 He always helps the poor and needy people by charity and Zakat.

3 He hates lying and speaks the truth.

4 His behaviour is good and polite with everyone like Friends, family, relatives and strangers.

5 He keeps control on his eyes, hands, tongue from wrong doings.

6 He never do fraud with anyone.

7 He reads Quran, understands it and then follow it.

8 He keeps patience in difficulties.

9 He says his own mistakes and not point fingers on others.

10 He remembers death and Judgement day.

These are 10 signs of a True Muslim who is successful in this world and will also be successful in hereafter Inshallah.
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