Does Divorce (Talaq) Happens If Given Thrice In Anger?

Divorce or Talaq means Ending your marriage and not staying in relation of husband wife anymore. Islam has disliked the act of giving divorce without any reason and only allowed it if there is extreme need of it like if husband wife failing to settle with each other.

This post is regarding procedure of Divorce that whether Three divorces can take place together? for example if husband said in anger thrice together "i divorce you" whether the divorce will take place by this or not? some people claims that three divorces will take place by this and relation of marriage will end.

But the fact is that this is not the Sunnah way of Divorce. Rasool Allah SAW never taught this way of giving divorce. at one time only one divorce take place no matter how many times word divorce is used.

In every divorce some time must elapse around 3 months. after every long period one divorce can be given and after 3 divorces the divorce will take place and relation of marriage will end. this is the right way of giving divorce.

According To Hadith of Sahih Muslim "“At the time of the Rasool Allah SAW, the time of Abu Bakr R.A and the first two years of the caliphate of ‘Umar R.A, a threefold divorce was counted as one. ‘Umar said: “People are being hasty with regard to a matter in which they should not rush. Let us count it as three and judge between people accordingly .

This Hadith proves that at time of Rasool Allah SAW three divorces at once where counted as one. It was Umar R.A who imposed law of counting 3 divorces as 3 as a punishment that time and its not Shariah.

Another Hadith says "Abu Rakaanah divorced his wife by saying “I divorce you thrice”, then he regretted it, so the Prophet SAW returned her to him with one word and said, “This is only one (divorce)".

This hadith also proves that at once only one divorce takes place.

We should also remember that those people who goes against Shariah and believe in 3 divorces at one time goes against Quran and Sunnah even more. they believe in Halala. In Halala a women is married to another man temporarily to make her Halal for Nikkah to her first husband again.

Rasool Allah SAW has sent curse on the person who do Halala.

So we should follow Sunnah teachings in the matter of giving divorce otherwise we will face lot of complications.
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