Rights of a Muslim On Another Muslim

Our Beloved Rasool SAW has taught us that two Muslims are like brothers for each other and they should help and care each other in every situation.

Today there are around one and a half billions Muslims in the world but are we really like brothers for each other? i don't think so. we are divided in so many things like Castes, colors, sects and many other things.

We are hurting each other more than our enemies are hurting us. we have forgotten the teachings of our Rasool SAW and this is the reason that we are in trouble as a Umah in today's world.

Following are some rights of a Muslim on another Muslim according to one Hadith of Prophet SAW:

1 Saying Salam To Each Other.

2 Accepting each other's Dawat.

3 When he asks for something good do that.

4 If he says Alhamdulilah after sneezing reply him with YARHAMU KALLAH.

5 When he is ill make a visit to him.

6 When he dies attend his funeral.

This are the rights told in just one hadith. there are many other hadiths as well that guides us regarding treatment with other Muslims.
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