Miswak Is a Great Sunnah

As well all know that every Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW is beautiful and useful for the mankind. Miswak is another beautiful Sunnah of Our Rasool which is not only a virtue but also very useful for our health.

Rasool Allah SAW given so much importance to doing Miswak regularly that he said in a Hadith "Were I not afraid that it would be hard on my followers, I would order them to use the siwak". Another Hadith tells that Prophet SAW always used to do Miswak before going for Tahajjud.

Miswak is not just a Sunnah but its greatly useful for the health of human teeth. World Health Organization (WHO) several reports says that Miswak is even more useful for teeth than Toothbrush.

Miswak will make your gums powerful, your teeth clean and your breath good. Now a days many people have problem of bad breath. for such people Miswak can prove to be useful.

however making the habit of doing Miswak regularly is very difficult in today's world where use of toothbrushes has became more common and they are also easily available as compare to Miswak.

The solution for it is that we should try to develop habit of doing Miswak when we are doing Wudu for Salah. there are also flavored miswaks available that you can try.

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