How a Women Should Dress Up?

Islam gives great respect to women and teaches her how she should spend her life in a good way? In Islam there is Hijab for women because it protects her modesty and gives her respect.

Islam has ordered women to wear a modest dress and Hijab so that she remain save from the wrong eyes. Allah SWT said in the Quran "Surely we have bestowed upon you a garment to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you, and the garment of piety is the best." Allah SWT has talked about covering the body properly on many  other places in the Quran as well.

Sadly today Western society and media is exploiting body of women. they try to show that being less dressed means freedom and wearing Hijab means oppression. the dress of women is getting shorter day by day which is causing lots of problems in the society like rape, molestation.

Islam gives a complete guideline about how women should dress up to protect their modesty. Following are guidelines of Islam for dress up of Women.

1 Women should cover up their whole body except the hands, face and feet.

2 the dress should not be thin so that body not become visible for others.

3 the dress should not be tight so that shape of body not become visible.

4 Dress should not be of the opposite gender.

5 the dress of women should be clean and pure.

6 Dress should not be attractive for the opposite gender.

7 dress should not be of symbol of other religions.

These are the seven guidelines for dress up of women given by the Islam. A women can protect her modesty by following these guidelines.
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