Summary of Surah Rehman

Surah rehman is one of the most beautiful surahs of Quran. In every surah of Quran, some specific thing has been talked. Like in surah baqarah, ALLAH swt has talked about important matters of din. Similarly, in surah infal and surah tuba, ALLAH swt has talked about war and issues related to it. similarly, in surah ikhlas, ALLAH swt has talked about the oneness of Him and has given us a touch stone to test the GODness of gods.

In surah rehman, ALLAH swt tells us the blessings he has given us in this world and the blessings of jannat. ALLAH swt asks many times in this surah , men and jinns both that how many of his blessings will be reject and forget? ALLAH swt has described the blessings of jannat in such a beautiful tone and manner that everyone wants to be there at once.

This surah has the nice tone and heart touching effects. Whoever listens to it, he feels a peace touching his heart and comfort flowing though his veins. Many people use this surah as a cure for their diseases. In surah rehman, ALLAH swt starts with AR_REHMAN i.e. the most beneficent.  Who taught the Quran and then the human creation and then the talk goes on to the creation of fruits and all the blessings that He has created for men and jinns.

In this surah ALLAH swt talks mostly about those who are believers and who have done good deeds that they will enter jannat in a mannaer which will be honorable. In jannat they will wear beautiful garments, and live like they should live because they have pleased ALLAH swt in earth.

ALLAH swt also talks about those who did bad deeds in this world and will be thrown to hell for their deeds and their rejection of faith and truth. Just by reading this surah, one can understand completely thr blessings of ALLAH and the reward of jannat.
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