Blessings of Jannah Paradise

Jannah is that place which will become eternal abode of the believers. Jannah is talked about in Quran in many places and it is made clear on us that no eye have ever seen it and no brain can ever imagine that place. Mostly, people even among muslims do not really believe in a place where every bounty which they can think of and they cannot even think of will be present to please the good muslims.

Jannah is mostly considered by the common clerics as a place where they will find many hoors who will please them in every possible way. This is the only thing you will get to know about jannat if you talk to those mulvis who find the only attraction in jannat in form of hoors.

What ALLAH swt and Muhammad s.a.w.w have described about jannat is that it will be a place where the purity will prevail. The purity which we do not know will be there in jannat. In jannat, people will praise ALLAH with every breath. They will praise ALLAH as we breathe as a necessity.

Jannat has 7 stages. The best is called janatul firdus where only those muslims will go who have led their lives as the most pious muslims. And people will enter jannat as per their good deeds. Even those who will enter the lowest jannat will get so much that we cannot even imagine those bounties.

ALLAH swt says that jannat in a place with gardens beneath them streams flow. This means we do not know how those gardens will look like. Jannats will have hoor i.e ladies with purity and honor and their beauty will be like we do not know. Similarly there will be boys who will observe hijab.

Though we are not told much about jannat but even then its blessings are said to be so many and unimaginable. We must understand that that place is a surprise gift for us. The best gift for every good muslim will be to see ALLAH swt. this will be the best thing every muslim entrant of jannat will get.
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