Money is Important but it’s not Everything

Money is that alchemist, which has told people that secret to convert everything into gold which is not known to them otherwise. It is with money that people buy their needed things. Without money, even the very basic necessities cannot be fulfilled.

The general perception about money is that it is very bad and it is evil of evils. But this is wrong attitude. Mostly religious class keeps this opinion about money. Had it been this wrong thing, ALLAH swt would have never directed us to “spend”.

ALLAH swt says that He tests all of His slaves, some by giving them riches and some by giving them nothing. So when ALLAH swt gives His people money, He tests them further. Those who spend money in His way, for them money is never bad, those who do not spend money for ALLAH, for them their money is worst and a curse.

There are so many pious men of ALLAH in the past and in present who are rich, but they do not forget to spend and they do not think that their money is their status. We have two prominent examples who were also the caliphs of islam. Hazrat abu bakar siddique and hazrat osman ghani r.a, they were among the first four caliphs of islam who were chosen by ALLAH swt because they were among the best in sahabas. Hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a was among the richest people of makkah who were honored even before he accepted islam. After when he accepted islam, he spent his money in way of ALLAH and gave financial as well as moral support to Muhammad s.a.w.w. the very first person who accepted islam, hazrat khadija r.a. also was a rich female, and usman ghani r.a. also was very rich. And there were many others who never hesitated to spend their money for ALLAH because for them money was important to be spent for ALLAH.

They never cursed their money because they knew that there money was needed to spread and help muslims and islam. But they never thought that their money was important for them or their money made their status. In fact it was their humble nature and their piousness that gave them respect.

Thus, money itself is not bad and it is not everything. Money should be taken as blessing of ALLAh rather than curse it should not be taken as status symbol rather it should be used for islam and for ALLAH. this is the real use of money.
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