Help Your Muslim Brothers and Sisters Affected By Sindh Floods

Pakistan is one of the biggest Muslim Country in the world which has a large population of 18 Million. In Recent Years Pakistan has faced several natural disasters like Earthquake and Floods. In 2010 Pakistan was hit by massive floods in three of its provinces.  This year once again Floods have affected Pakistan's second biggest Province Sindh.  Due to this year's flood Millions of people have lost their properties.

Death toll is much lesser in this flood but loss of Property is massive. Millions of people are displaced from their homes due to Flood water and are living in tents.  At this crucial time Millions of these people are looking for aid. There is Immediate need of Money, Food, Clothes and other Items.  So all of us must come forward to help our brothers and sisters affected by these floods.  Our Prophet SAW has also taught us to help the needy.  So how you can help the flood Victims. Following are some good organizations with good reputation through whom you can send aid to Flood  Victims.

1 Pakistan Army
2 Imran Khan
3 Falah E Insaniyat Foundation
4 Jamaat E Islami Pakistan
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