Hazrat Hussain R.A

Do you know who hazrat hussain r.a. was? This was the same person who is commonly known as “imam hussain”. This term imam was attached with hussain r.a. name by some people. Just open a shia source and see how many false and fake stories you will find about hussain r.a. we will surely discuss them in this article but before that we should also know who he was.

Hussain r.a. was grandson of Muhammad s.a.w.w. he was son of hazrat ali r.a. and hazrat Fatimah r.a. hussain r.a. had another brother hazrat Hassan r.a. who is also called imam by shias. Muhammad s.a.w.w called them syeds i.e. from the ahle bait.ahle bait are the people of the family fo Muhammad s.a.w.w.

Muhammad s.a.w.w used to love his grand sons very much. He was so much in love with them that they even used to climb up to His shoulders while He used to offer namaz.

Hazrat hussain r.a. grew up in a family of pious and blessed muslims, his mpther and father both were the blessed and rewarded people of ALLAH. Muhammad s.a.w.w said that Hassan and hussain r.a. will be the leaders of young people in jannat.

Hazrat hussain r.a. is attached with shiaism so much that it looks as if only shias know him and no other person ever knew him. Shias call him masoom that is infallible, the oen who cannot commit mistake, and treat him like some deity. They have associated with him very false stories and have changed that part of history which hid their evil nature from most of us.

Hazrat hussain r.a. was murdered by these shias who now cry and shout for him. They made a political; battle a religious one and presented the image of yazeed as a tyrant evil man. They even have made false hadith with which they give weight to their words. They have associated with him so many lies that hazrat hussain r.a. rather looks as a fictional character than a human.

They say that when hazrat hussain r.a. was martyred and his head was taken off by the yazeed’s army man, a jew washed his head by placing it on a rock. That rock still bleeds. And that hazrat zainab r.a. who was daughter of hussain r.a. used to sleep on his father’s chest. When hazrat hussain r.a. was killed she came out of tent and started calling her father because she was sleepy by then (no sane mind can ever believe this), she suddenly heard a voice from the dead body of her father who was calling her to sleep on his chest (isn’t it a hindu kind of story).

They say that yazeed captured the ladies of the family of hazrat hussain r.a. and threw them into his prison. But the fact is that hazrat zainab’s children were married to yazeed’s children. And these two families had good ties.

Hazrat hussain r.a. wanted to be amir of makkah but hazrat amir mauviya got the amir ship and it was a political debate that who will get the amir ship after him. Hazrat ami muawiya got the amir ship from hazrat Hassan r.a. which means if hazrat amir mauwiya r.a. is to be cursed than shias should also curse hazrat Hassan r.a. (ma’zALLAh) who accepted him as amir.

Hazrat hussain r.a. even accepted the terms of yazeed and yazeed also accepted the terms of him and he made them go to Iraq but on the way the same people captured them who used them against yazeed and killed them. History has been distorted by shias very much but truth also cannot be hid by them.
Hazrat hussain r.a. was martyred by shais and he surely was on right path. He was a human and was not infallible. May ALLAH be pleased with him amin.
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