Give Gifts to increase Love

Among some beautiful trends of the society, one is gift exchange. This is still there in every society of the world that people like to give gifts and they get gifts as well.

Gifts are given and gotten as a gesture of friendship and concern. When someone gives us gift on some occasion we feel happy that the person who gave us that gift thinks about us. He took some time and went for shopping and chose something for us, he took time for us from his life and gave us that gift. At that time, pure smile surrounds our lips and that is the moment when no evil thought gets into our head. This is why it is encouraged in islam to give gifts. In this way love between people increases. They like to think about others without any evil intentions when they know that their relatives love them and care for them.

Actually, giving gifts is to show a gesture of care and love. These are the two most needed attributes for us and for our society. Since people do not care for others and they do not feel love for others, they have created their own worlds which are totally materialistic. In their worlds, there is no place for this brotherly love and care, the only thing their worlds contain is materialism.

Some people say that they still give gifts and they spend loads of money on them. Buying gifts for others is good but buying gifts and showing that you have spent money on it kills the real meaning of gift. Gift should not be given on specific occasions. You can give fruits as gift when going to someone’s home, you can give flowers as gift you can give any small thing as gift to others without expecting return because this expectation kills those good deeds which you earn by giving gifts.

Give gift, and spread love as it was the manner of our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.
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