Martyr in Islam

Martyrdom in islam has the highest rank among all the good deeds done by a muslim. Shahadat is that brilliant rank which is bestowed on very few, those who are really blessed. Those who die in the name of ALLAH, for ALLAH, in this way of ALLAH are called shaheed.

Al-Quran 4:69

“And whoso obeys ALLAH and this Messenger shall be among those on whom ALLAH has bestowed HIS blessings - the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And an excellent company are they.”
There are few people who are near to ALLAH swt because of their deeds. These are the prophets, the truthful and the martyrs. Thus ALLAH swt has identified HIS liked people and HIS loved people.

This had become a trend that every well known person who dies in an accident or every politician who dies while he is in power or people who die in enmity are called shaheed at once.

For example, it has become a trend in Pakistan that if a politican dies he is called shaheed even if he is a gustakh-e rasool. But in islam, martyr is not every tom dik and harry. A martyr is one who is brave and not only brave but also a very practicing muslims. He is the one who fights for ALLAH, and his death happens due to that fight. He is not the one who fights for the country and then dies and called shaheed. He is not the one who dies in personal enmity and called shaheed.

The term shahadat is pure and cannot be related to anything which we wish. In an hadith, Muhammad s.a.w.w identified that there are some people who, when die attain the status of murder, among them are those who die for ALLAH, they have the highest rank, then there are people who die because of drowning in water, those who die due to stomach disease etc. there are no politicians, or fighters of army no fighter of tribes, no people who die for personal enmity etc who are called martyrs in islam.

Second thing is that ALLAH swt said that those who died as martyr should not be called dead people. They are alive and ALLAH swt is giving them rizq in His own ways. this looks so strange that the martyrs are not dead, this shows how blessed they are. People have seen those who died in ALLAH’s name that their wounds were fresh, their blood was fresh, their bodies were fresh and warm as if they were sleeping. There was a smile on their face as if they are alive.

Thus, even from the dead, some people have higher rank, the martyrs have that rank. May ALLAH choose our lives and give us the honorable death of martyrdom.
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