Shia Islam

Shia islam or shia and islam? What is the correct term? The correct term is shia and islam because islam is only one. There is no shia islam and there is no sunni islam. ALLAH swt given us islam as one religion which is to be followed by all of us without introducing our own created concepts into it and without changing it at all.

But unfortunately, the very first dispute in islam was created by a jew, who apparently accepted islam but he remained a jew til he died. His name was Abdullah bin sabah. He accepted islam to damage this religion and he actually did a great damage to islam by influencing some people who had weak iman. They started calling ali r.a. illah i.e. god. These people made their own history of islam and named it shia islam.

But the reality of shiaism is very ugly and bad.  Shias excluded every other sahabi from islam by saying that they became kafirs except the family of ali r.a. they even call the wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w kafir and His other 3 daughters as well. They deviated from the tolerant and logical and true path of islam and took the path of satan.

Today, shias morn, scream, injure themselves which is a sin, and they offer namaz different from us, they do not prefer to go to hajj but they like to go to zirat i.e visiting graves of their imams. They associate infallibility with their 12 imams and they have created stories about muharram that are so alien that nobody believes them.

They curse the pious men of ALLAh about whom HE HIMSELF spoke in Quran. They worship Ali r.a. like god. shia people are so insane that they draw pictures of Muhammad s.a.w.w and ali r.a. and other sahaba and hang them inside their houses. They have imam bargahs which are the sacred places and have more value than mosques.

Shia people have some very strange and alien beliefs like they have horses in their bargahs who they call zuljinnah, they feed that horse with milk and butter and nuts, and they even like to eat the spite of that horse who is sacred to them. They keep the bathing water of dead bodies and use that water as to purify the food. This is not at all islam and this is not at all acceptable by even the non muslims.

The word shia itself is a negative word which has been used in Quran as a negative description of division of people. shia means to divide religion which is sin a big sin. Thus if there is islam there is no shiaism and when there is shiaism, there is not islam.
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