Inner Beauty

Beauty has many meanings it is not limited to the appearance of things only. Though the appearance creates the first impression but first impression is never the last impression. Physical beauty lasts for sometime this is why it is time bound. We see beautiful faces appear and appreciated then one day they lose their importance and charm and another face takes their place.

This beauty contest is been held on the stage of this world by people since the very beginning of life of humans. The actual thing to be appreciated is not the physical beauty but it should be the inner beauty of the person. It is the inner self which makes one either good or bad. If the nature is good, person looks beautiful if the nature is bad, even the most beautiful face looks ugly.

We humans are the most complex and mysterious creature of ALLAH swt. Just by our thoughts, we can have a beautiful outer self. Those who do good and fear ALLAH they make in themselves a strange kind of attraction with which they attract people. Thus it is not the face but the inner self which can get the real attention. With beautiful outside, and no sense of goodness in heart and soul people fell themselves into filth.

We see women are the most struck group of this filth. Beautiful women like to appear before world. They like to show the world their beauty. Most of them lose their dignity and honor by the hands of men who are always in need of physical beauty. This is why hijab is promoted by islam for both genders. This beauty contest is not limited to women only, but men are also victims of this sickness. Today, boys also fell prey to the filth of the society. They also lose their dignity and honor in the same way as girls lose.

This is why islam does not promote neither concentrate on the physical beauty. It always talks about good deeds and God consciousness. How can one attain the inner beauty? This beauty is connected with the heart. Heart is that part of human which can make him good or bad. Inner beauty is all related to heart. This is why every prophet of ALLAh was a very kind hearted man. Every pious man of ALLAH is kind hearted.  Inner beauty is that attribute which can be attained only with good deeds and fear of ALLAH.
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