Imam Bukhari A Great Muslim

Imam bukhari is that muhadith who collected the most sahih ahadith mubarika. Imam bukhari had done immense wok in collection of hadith and his collected ahadith have been verified and authenticated by many. This is why sahih bukhari is that book of hadith which is considered most authentic after Quran. Imam bukhari was born in 194 and he died in 265 AH. His work is acknowledged throughout the world and imam bukhari’s favor will never be forgotten.

His complete name was Imâm al-muhaddithîn Hadrat Imâm Abû `Abdullâh Muhammad ibn Ismâ`îl al-Bukhârî. He was born in Bukhara which is present day Uzbekistan now. Imam bukhari’s father was also a muhadith but he passed away in imam bukhari’s childhood. Imam bukhair lost his eyesight in his childhood. His mother used to cry so much after she became hopeless from all the doctors of her age. One day she saw in dream that hazrat Ibrahim a.s. came and gave her news of her son’s eyesight coming back. In the following morning, when imam bukhari woke up he could see as if he was never blind.

At the age of ten, he got admission to learn the science of hadith and thus his journey of becoming great muhadith started.

Imam bukhri was a man with extra ordinary intelligence. He had strong memory this is reported from one of his companions that while they all used to write down ahadith during their visits to madrassah he used to listen to the scholars and never noted anything. One day they all condemned him that he wasted 16 days but when they got to know that bukhari memorized all ahadith they were shocked and surprised.

He spent all his life in collection of ahadith and he tried his level best and invoked ALLAH so much before noting any hadith finaly as authentic.
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