Soul in Islam

Soul is the true self of every living being, once out of the body, it will never get into body before the Day of Judgment. The concept of rooh or soul in islam is very different from other religions. It is common perception of people that soul can come again to this world and soul can take revenge and never leaves without it is satisfied. All these are plain stories there is no soul that can ever come back to this world from barzakh once it leaves the body at the time of death.

Before going into detail of this topic, first see the verse of holy Quran given below;

AL-Quran 6:060
“It is He Who takes possession of your soul at night, and He knows everything you do by day. Then He lets you wake up for the next day. (This happens) till you complete the prescribed period _ (your life span). Finally, towards Him is your ultimate destination. At that time, He will tell you everything you used to do.”
From this verse of Quran we should remain in no more doubts about the status and purpose of soul. Unfortunately, living with hindus had made some muslims’ iman weak to the extent that they believe in the soul stories of Hinduism and apply those stories to islam as well. Similarly, we see the same absurd stories of soul called ghosts in Christianity too.

Soul is made of nor i.e. pure light. The pure light belongs to ALLAH only this pure light cannot haras people out of its body. This noori structure cannot escape or break the code of ALLAH. It is the shaan of ALLAH swt that if he entered soul into us one time HE can do it several times, but every soul is given only one chance to enter this world and to pass its defined time. Once the time is over soul is taken back.

Some people do not go to grave yards because they fear the souls of dead people in grave yards. Grave yard is simply that place where those who died are buried. When someone dies, he becomes as lifeless as the chairs and tables in our houses. If we do not fear those chairs and tables, we should not fear that dead body as well.

ALLAH swt has not made death as a factor of fear for us, but death is a lesson for those who are still alive. A dead person becomes helpless. He cannot move himself according to his desire, because that is just a dead, lifeless structure.

The real self of you is your soul. Your soul will see what will come to you after death. You should prepare for that which will come to your way for sure, you should not fear those dead bodies.

To conclude, soul is that part of us which will leave us after our turn in this world is over. So, instead of creating false stories about souls, fear what will you see in the world which you will see after your body reaches its grave?
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