This newly created term “islamophobia” is not found in the oxford dictionary probably because they do not want to get themselves offended or because they themselves are islamophobes. Whatever the reason is, islamophobe has scared some people so much that they have become islamophobes.

This term was coined when the non muslim masses started attacking islam. Some non muslims go beyond their right of criticism and became abusers and hate mongers from where muslims started calling them islamophobes. Phobia is a psychological disorder when a person is afraid of a particular thing due to some reasons. Some people have hydrophobia so they cannot go near water because they think they will drown into it. Similarly some people are afraid of height, some are afraid of fire and now some people are really afraid of islam. This fear of islam has led people to become hate mongers and they started hating islam so much that they do not themselves know why they hate islam so much?

This hate for islam is not limited to personal levels but this hate is now backed by well known personalities and organizations or websites. Some buildings are also known for their islamophobia. These buildings include white house, pentagon and the “going to be built” temple of Solomon in place of masjid-e aqsa. While there have been passed well known personalities who hated islam so much that they wrote their humiliating history with their own hands. The famous crusades against islam are just one example of islamophobia of the age old Christians.

“Draw Muhammad day” and “burn quran day” were two internationally backed events which were supported by the famous website “facebook” which is still by millions of muslims. The two events were, no doubt, criticized by many non muslims as well but no condemnation or even a single act of force was used to stop these incidents.

Muslims are killed every year because they are “suspects”. Many muslims are held into custody by non muslims and they are not only held illegally but also they are made globally known figures. Dr. afia siddque is one of those poor ladies who is going to spend 80 years in jail because she is alleged to have killed troops in Afghanistan’s Bagram base. The funny thing is, none of the cases against her was proven. Ajmal kasab is another character who is still a mystery even after 4 years. This man is charged with 84 cases and still world waits for his death.

World has seen another person who was presented as horrible person in the non muslims world and who was a hero in muslim world, he was osama bin laden. So many fake stories were attached with this man. If we go by the stories told against him, we can safely call him most successful man in last 1000 years who was able to scare hell out of non muslims. This man was a well educated man who worked for muslim unity and credible sources say that he died in 2005 due to kidney failure. But islamophobes of white house tried to take credit of his death by creating another big false drama of his death in American army action in paksitan’s abotabad. Sadly, Pakistani army itself was either involved in this drama or they were forced to stay quiet.Due to islamophobia, today almost 2/3 of muslim world is either in direct war or is indulged in internal unrest and war which is created for them by the same islamophobes.

All this is set up for muslims not because they are in power or have some real treasures which are inaccessible for the non muslims. The fact is that these non muslim anti Islamic forces can access anything because they literally control all the assets in the world due to their control over muslims. This all is happening because the godless devil worshipers see islam as their biggest enemy and they know that a day will come when islam will destroy them. They have reached this conclusion because they have, so far, successfully damaged all religions except islam which is still practiced in its pure form. This is that single religion which has not been corrupted so far by the hands of the corrupts. No matter many tricks have been planned, currently been played and are in pipeline to be played in future, neither Quran was change nor the muslims were made to leave islam unlike other religions.

Above all, every year thousands of people convert to islam which has proved the non muslim claim of “islam spread by force” wrong. Some really serious surveys have actually proved that by 2050 half of the population of world will be muslim and in every non muslim country, the majority population will be of muslims. This has made some sick people more sick and some GOD fearing people, muslims.

Islamophobe will remain on this planet till the last day, therefore, oxford must include this word with its proper meaning in its next edition.
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