Tips for Muslim Parents to take care of their Kids

Taking good Care of your Kids is also an Important Part of Islam. It is necessary for the parents to take care of their kids according to guidelines of Islam and show them the path from beginning that is told by Islam so that they live their whole life according to Islamic guidelines in the future.

If you will give them Islamic environment from first day it will help them in their future life to pass their life according to islam. Many Kids get involved in wrong activities because Parents remains busy in their own works instead of giving time to Kids and looking after their activities. Following are some of the tips for the Muslim parents to take care of their Kids.

1 Take parenting serious as you take your job seriously.
2 Try to give time to your family as much you can.
3 Read Holy Quran daily and also teach it to your kids.
4 Learn respecting your kids and don,t insult them.
5 Take in Interest in activities of your kids.
6 Keep checking the activities of your Kids.
7 Know their problems and try to solve them.
8 Try to become Friend of your kids not just parent.
9 Try to live with Religious Neighbours in a Islamic environment.
10 Watch what they are watching on TV and Surfing on Internet?
11 Take them to Masjid with yourself.
12 Make Dua for your Kids.

Follow these Tips and Inshallah your Kids will become a good Muslim in the future. Kids learn Most of things from their parents and home Environment so its obligatory on you to make Environment of your house Islamic. according to Hadith Allah Swt will also ask Parents how did they take care of their Kids on day of Judgement?  May Allah Swt help us in taking good care of our kids.
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