Islamic Hadiths to teach your Kid at age 6

In Last months i have shared Islamic Hadiths to teach your Kids at age of 3, 4 and 5 but today i will be sharing Hadith with you to teach your Kids when they reach the age of 6. These Islamic Hadiths are taken from the Book "Way of Light". If you will teach these Hadiths to your Kids you will be able to provide them Islamic guidelines to live life which they will follow in their upcoming life. Following are these Hadiths.

1 You cannot Enter Heaven until you have Emaan and you can,t have Emaan until you love each other. Didn't i tell you a thing by following which you will start loving each other? Always say Salam to each other.
2 Allah Swt have mercy on those who have mercy on others.
3 Whenever Cheenk comes to anyone of you say Alhamdulilah.
4 A Person who removes painful thing from the path Allah gives him virtue and whoever do Virtue will enter heaven.
5 Don,t go ahead from a person who is offering Prayer.
6 Don,t ask anyone to get up from a place to sit there but you sit where you find the place.
7 No one can become Momin until he loves more to Prophet Saw than his Parents and all the people.
8 Good Character will be considered a big Virtue on day of Judgement.
9 Brave Person is not that which defeats others in fighting but brave person is that who controls himself in anger.
10 Don,t Lie to make other smile.
11 Whatever you eat give to Poor and needy people.
12 Don,t send Lanat on others.
13 When you make any food send it to your neighbours house as well.
14 When someone asks you for help in name of Allah help him.
15 Getting Knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim.

Teach these Hadiths to your Kids and inshallah it will help them in following Islam and will make them good humans in their life. May Allah Swt help us to take good care of our kids.
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