Benefits of offering Salaah Namaz

Salaah that is also known as Namaz in Urdu and as Prayer in English is an Important Pillar of Islam. offering Five times Salaah daily is obligatory on Muslims. Allah Swt has talked about offering Salaah more than 700 times on different places in the Holy Quran while there are hundred of Hadiths about Importance of offering Salaah. Allah Swt says in the Holy Quran offer Salaah and Pay the Zakat.

in another verse Allah Swt says its obligatory on Momins to offer namaz at fixed times. Same way Hadiths guides us about offering Salaah. Prophet Saw said in an Hadith that Salaah distinguishes between a Momin and Mushrik. Salaah is basically offered to Thank and Remember Allah Swt who has given us so much blessings. offering Salaah not only is obligatory and a Virtue but it has also many benefits in our life. Following i am going to discuss some of its benefits.

1 First Benefit of offering Salaah is that it saves us from doing sin. When you will offer five times Salaah a day you will always think before doing a sin.

2 Second Benefit of offering Salaah is that it makes us Remember Allah Swt and gives us chance to thank him for his blessings on us.

3 Third Benefit of Salaah is that it removes our sin and increases our virtues.
4 When we do Wudu for Salaah it helps us in removing our stress and tiredness.
5 When you offer Salaah your body is also doing Exercise which is useful for our body.
6 offering Salaah gives us Satisfaction and Peace inside. Have you ever notices how much Satisfaction and Peace after offering Salaah?
7 offering Five times Salaah makes us away from hopelessness because we know that Allah Swt is there to solve our difficulties.
8 offering Salaah will help us on the day of Judgement because it is an great Virtue.

There are many other benefits of offering Salaah as well but here i am discussing only Eight for you. May Allah Swt help all of us in offering Salaah regularly.
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