All Muslims Boycott Facebook on 20th May 2010

All the Muslims are appealed to boycott famous Social networking website Facebook.com on 20th of May 2010 after two days from now. There are Large number of Anti Islam and Anti Prophet Muhammad Saw Pages and Groups on Facebook and Facebook administrators is not deleting them even on demand of Large number of People. While according to Facebook Policies it is not allowed to Make Pages and Groups against Any Religion.

on 20th of May a Page on Facebook is also going to held a contest of Making Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad Saw but Facebook administrators are not taking any action against it as well. Many People reported that Page as abuse but again no action by Facebook administrators.

Watching this situation and biased behavior of Facebook administrators all the Muslims have decided to not use Facebook on 20th May to record a protest. Not only Muslims but i will demand all those Non Muslims as well who are Peace Lovers to Boycott Facebook on 20th of May 2010. May Allah Swt help us to show our Love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad Saw.
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