Importance of Speaking Truth in Islam

Speaking Truth is another important part of Islam about which Quran and Hadith has guided us several times. Allah Swt loves those who speaks the truth and not only Allah Swt but that a true person is also respected by the society.

Lying not only can create problems in your life but is considered a big sin in Islam. Speaking the truth may trouble you for a short time but it saves you from the bigger trouble and for one lie you always have to speak more lies. A Muslim who has Emaan in his heart always speaks the truth and considers lying a curse. Speaking truth is the base of Good Character. Truth leads you towards heaven and lying leads you towards hell.

There are hundreds of Quran Verses and Hadiths regarding speaking the truth and against Lying. I am going to share some of these Hadiths. Prophet Muhammad Saw said Truth takes you towards the Virtue and Virtue takes you towards Heaven. A person keeps on speaking the truth until he is written a true person near Allah and Lying takes you towards sin and sin takes you towards hell.

a person keeps on lying until he is written a liar near Allah. In another Hadith Prophet Muhammad Saw said that lying is a sign of Munafiq. There are hundred other Hadiths regarding speaking Truth. Now its on you that you choose which path??? Path of Truth that is actually path of Heaven or Path of Lying that is actually path of hell. May Allah Swt help us to make our Characters good by always speaking the truth.
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