Poetry in Defense of Messenger of Allah Swt

Defending the beloved of my eyes
The cheer to my soul ,
The Person for whom my parents be sacrificed,
Sacrificed and tortured
Defending him .they should give their lives
And I am still not satisfied with only this sacrifice,

I will sacrifice all my sons and their sons to defend him .
Defending him is more dearer to me than my own self
Even if it were Fire of Kuffar ,
Or Prison of Gauntanamo bay
I am a sworn friend of ALLAH,who never let kuffar get away without harming them
Yes ,I am sworn enemy of kuffar ,

I am Umm Amara
Kuffar,Remember my name
And search me everywhere on earth
I have a ticket of miracles by my Friend---ALLAH~!
In deep oceans,
On Rocky mountains,
Over Thunder clouds!

Search me and drag me to your prisons
I will stay there but for a short while
But you will stay in Fire forever

I will See Jannah in prison like Asiya ,wife of cursed firawn
And I will infuriate you like Bilal Habshee

I know Obama and bush are like Abu Jahl and Firawn today
But I am a child of Salah uddin Ayubi

The fighter to kuffar
The killer of crusaders

Verily kuffar will never get success

The Plan of Allah is surely Strong
And its true whenever you people use your mouths and hands against our Islam*

Then its always a sign of our Victory
If you don’t trust me then read the words of your Creator in Surah Saff:Ayah 8 and 9

“They intend to put out the Light of Allah with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it).

He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun hate it”

Surah Saff:Ayah 7 and 8

In Miracles of laughter I live
In Laughter I will walk towards meeting my Creator --ALLAH
In Laughter ,I will enter Jannah

And In laughter I will MOCK at you in hell for disrespecting beloved of my eyes :

"Muhammed" (Slave and Messenger of Allah)

And will see your dark faces in Burning FIRE which my Friend ,ALLAH ,has kindled for the party of kuffar LIKE you!Oh devil worshippers!

If I show negligence in my Job,then Sons of Adam
I fear a Big Day’s Torment from my Creator

By the Way,I belong to Khilafah Times Working Group
Yes,I am a Muahied in the Way of Allah
Pursuing my job of filterating earth from kufr
And pursuing those who Defy Islam* is my Obligation

Never be unconscious of the Might of Allah
Question the Russians in Afghan Jihad
Quiz crusaders
Ask zionists

And you will know what we have

We have Imaan in ALLAH

In the threshold of our hearts is LOVE and in the inside is Fear
In the threshold we have fear and inside is filled with LOVE

So,how strong ARE we are and how Victorious we are and how Victorious we are !
Due to this belief in ALLAH .

Belief in ALLAH , Terrorises everyone who defy ALLAH and His Messenger (blessings of Allah be upon him)

And Belief in ALLAH,leads towards the Pleasure of ALLAH!The KING of The MIGHTY THRONE.The Creator of Stars,Shaper of hearts ,Bestower of LOVE and Giver of Death!

Yes Death to Haters of Islam Today and Till they Die
After Death ,hell to Kuffar Forever!

Curse be on facebook
Curse be on kuffar
Curses on all those who see Islam* with diseases in hearts

Curse Curse Curse

And Angels say:

Ameen Ameen Ameen

Welcome my caravan of wisdom,
Welcome my caravan of knowledge,
Welcome my caravan of intelligence,
Welcome my caravan of tehnology,
Welcome my caravan ,Of Momineen like me!

Super Bombs lands soon somewhere on the lands where kuffar resides.
The Bunch of you Kuffar will be driven to Hell soon ,leaving your homes forever!
Where will you run when the hooks over hell fire catches you,
What will you eat ?you devil's party! in hell ?

Won't you like to dine out with mr devil on Hellish Foods?
Know everyone of you will be regretting starting with first course.

Nay ,mr kafir is very weak but still acting pervert!?
And miss kafir is still going round and round with woods on her head to harm our Messenger,
Messenger on Truth,
Messenger of Allah!

Woe unto you kuffar!Woe unto you!
Haunted you will be after tomorrow and day after tomorrow

And mr and miss kafir ‘s necks have twisted ropes of palm fibre.

Hell is what you live for,
Hell is what you groping to,
Hell is where your food is day and evening,
Hell is what your stay is,
Hell is what your end is!

Kill kuffar ,to free this land of disbelief ,This is our goal
Ransom our prisoners , and
Make kuffar our captives,is our mission
Working together to liberate Palestine is our Wish
Hating kuffar is our Company
And our Aim is :Pleasure of Allah~

And Word of Allah~The All Mighty ,will be made Superior is the Truth conveyed to us by the one Respected in both the Worlds:
“Muhammed” (The slave and Messenger of Allah Most High)

Teaching kuffar ,lessons is our Job
For which we are accountable!

Islam Haters ,Mind yourselves or be prepared for a Scornship by ALLAH~!
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