informer about Times Square incident was also Muslim

This news is the Top story in International Media from almost a week that a Muslim Man Named Fasil Shahzad tried to do Car Bombing at Times Square New York USA. After this Incident Islam Haters got another chance of Targeting Islam, Jihad and Muslims. Media is also not behind anyone and using terms like Islamic Terrorism and Muslims Terrorists while Muslim Community Specially Pakistani Community in US is really worried after this incident.

Media is giving full time converge to this story and giving every big and small information about the incident and life of Fasil Shahzad. But if the whole International Media is missing anything is that they are not telling that the person who informed about the Bomb in the Car was also a Muslim. His name was Hamid and he is a Muslim from Singapore but Media is not showing this fact and ignoring it completely. If a Muslim tried to kill people other also tried to save why you not highlighting this news?
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