Islamic Tips for a Muslim Business

In Islam doing any work according to Sunnah is a Virtue and Earning money from Halal ways and avoiding the Haram ways is also a big virtue.  There are several Hadiths regarding Earning Money from Halal ways and remaining away from Haram ways of Earning money. Islamic also gives tips that how the avoid Haram and do business by the Halal ways. The sorrowful thing is that large number of Muslims are also involve in Haram ways of Making Money but still there are many who uses Halal ways to Earn money. in American City Chicago alone there are more than 70 shops of Halal meat whom Muslims owns and runs. Following i am going to share some tips with you to to do Business by Halal ways according to Islamic Guidelines.

1 Keep Earning Profit your second aim and your first aim must be to please Allah Swt by keeping honesty, truth and a good behaviour with the customer that comes to you. Earning profit is not a wrong or haram thing but it must not be your main purpose.
2 Second Tips is that you must be truthful and honest in your business. if you are selling something and there is a Fault in that thing it is obligatory on you to tell that fault to your customer who wants to buy it. there is also a hadith about it.
3 Third tip is that don,t business of the things that are Haram in Islam. if you will do it the amount you will earn will from it will be Haram and it will be also harmful for your customer because whatever is Haram is islam is harmful for humanity .
4 Keep cleanness in your business. for example if you are selling Meat try to keep as much cleanness as you can in it. for example in business of meat  if you will not keep cleanness not only you can lose your customers but it can also effect the health of your customer.
5 Fifth and last tip is that work hard. Working hard is not only Sunnah but also a key to success. if you will not work hard it will become difficult for you to become successful.

These where some tips that i wanted to share for Muslim businesses. May Allah Swt help everyone in earning money by Halal ways.
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