Importance of Treating Guests well in Islam

Islam which guides us about different aspects of our life also guides us to Treat our Guests well and meeting them happily. A true Muslims always treats his Guest well and tries to give him respect by every possible way. Allah Swt says in the Holy Quran "A Person who believes in Allah and day of Judgement he gives respect to his Guest". This Ayat of the Holy Quran means that when a person gives respect to his guest he shows practically that he has belief in Allah Swt and day of Judgement.

There are Hundred of Hadiths and Ayats about Respecting your Guests and treating them well. Prophet Muhammad Saw said in an Hadith "A person who not looks after his Guest don,t do Khair". Prophet saw said in another Hadith that "its obligatory on every Muslim to take good care of his Guest". In another Hadith looking After your Guest is called Sadqa.

We have Hundred of Examples of Prophet Muhammad Saw and Sahaba in which they remain hungry by feeding their Guests. According to Hadith of Jabar r.a Prophet Saw never said not to anyone who asked him for anything. A person who looks after his Guest by treating him well not only gets Ajar Near Allah Swt but People also loves such person. Now look toward yourself how you treat your Guests???  May Allah Swt help us in treating our Guests well.
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