Reviews of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Islamic Books

Some Great Muslim Scholars have born in Last Century but a man whom i love the most is Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. Shaikh Ahmed Deedat was no dout one of the greatest scholar of Islam born in last Century. Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Written hundreds of Books about Islam and Comparative Religions, Delivered thousands of Public Lectures and done several debates with Scholars of other religions.

Even Great Scholar like Dr Zakir Naik is Student of Shaikh Ahmed who has learn doing Dawah of Islam from him.When no one in Muslim world was doing Important duty of doing Dawah of Islam to non muslim it was Ahmed Deedat who started this work. He Defeated famous personalities like Jimmy Swaggart, Anis Shorrosh in the Debates. As i told above that Shaikh Ahmed Deedat also written Hundreds of Islam books so following i am going to give you Reviews of some of his greatest books. you must buy this book and read them.

1 Al-Qur`an The Miracle of Miracles = its an amazing book by Shaikh Ahmed Deedat in which he has explained how Holy Quran is a Miracle. in the book he has talked about Scientific facts  in the Holy Quran.

2 Christ (pbuh) In Islam = Its another amazing book of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. in this Book Ahmed Deedat has explained about Jesus Christ PBUH in Islam. How Jesus Christ is mentioned in Quran and how Muslims follows Jesus more than Christians.

3 Is the Bible God`s Word? = Its also an famous book of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. In the book Shaikh Ahmed Deedat has explained that is Bible really the word of God or its changed?

4 Muhammad The Natural Successor to Christ = Its a Lovely book of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat and my Favourite one. in this Book Shaikh Deedat has explained that Message of Jesus PBUH and Muhammad PBUH was same and they both where Prophets of God.

5 What the Bible Says About Muhammad = This is the last book i am going to mention of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat. In this Book Shaikh Deedat has explained that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is even mentioned in Bible on several places.

So these are five amazing Islamic books of Shaikh Ahmed Deedat which i would advice you to read and share with your Non-Muslim friends as well. May Allah Swt give Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Janah and bless him.
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