Importance of offering Salaah in Islam

Salaah is a Arabic word and in Urdu word that is used for it is Namaz while in English it is called Prayer.  Salaah is one of the Pillar of Islam and it is obligatory on every Muslim to offer Fiver times Salaah a day. The Names of of Five Salaah,s are Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Magrib Isha. Salaah is the most important Worship in Islam and leaving Salaah is one of the biggest sin in Islam.

According to an Hadith Prophet Muhammad Saw was asked which is the best deed? Prophet Saw replied offering Salaah. Questioner asked after it? Prophet Saw said treating your Parents well. Questioner asked after it? Prophet Muhammad Saw said doing Jihad in way of Allah Swt.

Offering Salaah is a connection between Human and Allah Swt in which a humans worship his Creator by leaving all the works of life. In the Salaah a human asks for help, correct path and remaining on the right path from Allah Swt. Offering Salaah ends your sins increases your Emaan and helps you in saving yourself from doing sins.

When a person offer Salaah five times a day it helps him greatly in remaining away from sins and he thinks hundred times before doing wrong works. Have you ever noticed that when you offer Salaah correctly you feel lot of Peace and Satisfaction within yourself? A Peace and Satisfaction that you even not get after getting lot of Money. We must offer Salaah with Jamat if you live near Mosque because not offering Salaah in mosque without any reason is not right. Allah Swt has ordered more than 700 times about offering Salaah in the Holy Quran and there are thousands of Hadiths about importance of Salaah of our beloved Prophet Saw.  May Allah Swt help us in offering Salaah five times a day regularly.
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