Reviews of Muslim Job Websites

In the past as well we discuss about the importance to Earning money by Halal ways in Islam. Beside Business Job is another way of Earning Money to live your life. Like Business the Job you are doing must also be according to guidelines of Islam and it must not be related to any Haram thing otherwise the Salary you will earn from it will not be Halal. Today my post is about Reviews of the Websites about Jobs for Muslims. Over the year many websites have came into existence that are specially for Muslims to find or offer an Job. So let me give you reviews of some famous Muslim Job websites. if you are a Muslim and looking for a Job or offering a Job you can also visit them.

1 ummahjobs.com = its an amazing Muslim Job website where its free to find or offer an Job for Muslims. its specially for those Muslims that are living in US but you can find jobs for other parts of the world as well.
2 Maghribjobs.com = its another famous Job site for Muslims. to post a Job for 35 days you will have to pay $50 on this site. This sites get lot of Daily visitors.
3 gulfjobsites.com = This site is for those Muslims that are looking for a Job in Gulf Arab Countries. This site supports many languages.
4 rozee.pk = its an very famous website for Muslims of Pakistan to find a job within Pakistan. Posting a Job on this site is free. Millions of People opens this site daily.
5 turkeyjoblink.com = This famous site is for Muslims to find Job in Turkey. its the top website in Turkey to find a Job.

So these are Five amazing websites for the Muslims to find the Jobs online. if you are looking for an Job you can also try them. May Allah Swt help us all in Earning Money by Halal Jobs and Businesses. 
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