Islamic Tips To Improve your Relation with Quran

Quran Kareem is the Holy Book of Islam. Quran Guides us about every matter of our life and gives us a Guidance to get Success in this World and Hereafter. According to me the Quran is the Best Book that Exists in this World.  Large Number of People Just read the Holy Quran for Sawab in Arabic but they don,t Understand it. Reading Quran is for sure Sawab but Understanding it is even more Important.

There are many of us who never opened The Holy Quran from Months on Years and kept it in a cloth on a above place. A Muslim must always keep a strong relation with the Holy Quran and try to read and understand it daily. Following i am going to give some Islamic Tips to Improve your relation with the Holy Quran.

1 Try to do Wudu before reading the Holy Quran. Its not necessary to be in Wudu before reading the Quran but if you will read it after doing Wudu you will be able to read and understand it well.

2 Ask Your Heart before reading the Quran that why you are reading it? you are doing it to get Sawab or some information or to implement it in your life completely?

3 If you don,t have habit to read Quran Regularly start from reading 5 minutes daily. Many People says we must read it for at least an Hour everyday. If you don,t read it Regularly it will be difficult for you to read it for an hour so start from 5 minutes only.

4 When you are reading the Holy Quran also understand it as well. Don,t read it only to get Sawab but understand it to implement in your life. If you don,t understand Arabic you must buy a Quran with Translation in your Language.

5 Try to Read Quran in Book instead of reading it on Computer or watching CD.

6 You must not only Read Quran but also try to listen it sometimes. I personally like the listen the Holy Quran in voice of Mishary Al Afasy the most.

7 Do Dua to Allah Swt to help you in read understanding and following the Holy Quran well.

These where some tips i wanted to share with you to Improve your Relation with Quran. May Allah Swt help all of us to read and follow the Holy Quran
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