Importance of avoiding bad language in Islam

A person who uses good language and avoids from abusing others is not only liked by other people but he is also doing a great Virtue according to Islam. Not using bad language and avoiding abusive language against others is an Important part of Islam. Allah Swt loves those people who not only do well but also speaks well. There are Several Quran Verses and Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad Saw  that are strictly against abusing and using bad language against other humans.

According to Sahih Hadith Prophet Muhammad Saw said Allah Swt not like those who uses bad language. According to another Hadith a person who abuses others and speaks dirty language cannot be a Momin. A Muslim that has Blessing of Emaan in his heart can,t be a abuser and hate language user and if someone do it he don,t have Emaan in his heart and this is not i am saying but Hadiths. A Momin having Emaan in his heart hates abusing and always speaks well or remains silent.

Life of our Beloved Prophet Saw is in front of Us. Prophet Saw never ever used such language which can hurt others feelings or contains bad words. It was habit of our beloved Prophet Saw to speak politely with others. I forget to point some Hadiths above which i will be mentioning now. According to Hadith a person who abuses others his Virtues will be given to person whom he abused on the day of Judgement. In another Prophet Saw said a person should speak good or remain silent. above Hadiths clearly shows how bad it is to use bad language against others. May Allah Swt save us from abusing othersn.
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