Who Are Qadariyyah?

It is ALLAH swt who decides the qadar of everyone. Here qadar means the fate, or the qismat of people and all that happens. There are two places in Quran where ALLAH swt tells that HE decided qadar on shab-e qadar. This night is one of the blessed nights of Ramadan among the last ashra’s odd nights. The lucky people find this night.

The verses where it is indicated about shab-e qadar are, Surah dukhan and auran qadar, following are the verse from surah dukhan from 2-5. But there is a group of people, who do not believe in the divine decree but they say and argue that what they do in this world is based totally on their will. ALLAH swt cannot decide about them. These are the extreme group that rejects the will of ALLAH swt at all.

We should ask them that if they are so right about their belief, what should be their point of view on the blessed night of Ramadan? Anyway, these people are called qadariyya and they were among the first groups among the muslims, who tried to give the words of ALLAH and His messenger their own meanings.

Divine decree is a matter that co exists with the free will and written fate. This is the main reason of its complexity. If we ignore or reject the divine decree, we will be rejecting the power of ALLAh on us and the status of ALLAH being GOD of all. We say, ALLAH is the creator of all, by rejecting divine decree means to reject the power of ALLAH.

Holy Quran tells us that ALLAH says what he thinks of “to be” and it happens right at that very moment. One more thing is that, the time and space we are living in, is not what we will face in the hereafter, the tiem we have spent on this earth will not even be a fraction of a day in the hereafter because this is a place created for us, and this place is created for us to grow without trouble. The matter of fate can be seen from this simple thing that outside our earth, there is nothing that can inhabit humans. The time is different on different planets in our solar system. the space and place are different. The conditions are different. This is because it was the will of ALLAH swt to create the outer place like that, and the earth like we see now.

If ALLAH swt did not have a will or understanding about us, the humans, how could HE create such a place for us in the first place?

Second point is the creation of the humans. It is the biggest sign for those who reject divine decree over lives. They should know that they were not created out of their will, nor were they acting upon their will to get their rizq, it was a system pre defined for them to move around the earth for the purposes of life. If their life was not based upon the will of ALLAH, they could have ended up dying in misery.

The third and the most important point is it is the satisfaction that our matters rest in hands of ALLAH swt. HE watches over us, and HE protects us and we pray because we know that only HE knows what’s coming our way. If it is good, we will welcome it, if it is not good, HE can remove it from HIS generosity.

The qadariyyah groups are one of the most ignorant groups who do not believe in the power of ALLAH and try to erase HIM from their lives. This is kufr and rejecting ALLAH once the message is arrived and heard is a grave sin that certainly calls for hell.
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