The Slaves of Evil Desires

below are the words of satan as reported in Quran. When satan was casted out, he went furious with jealousy and rage. He promised that he will never miss an opportunity of misleading slaves of Allah. He promised that he will make humans, the slaves of their own desires. And those desires will be vain and evil. The verse mentioned above says that satan wants us to change the very nature of the things as created by Allah swt.

[004:119]“I will definitely mislead them. I will certainly stir up vain and wanton desires in them. I will command them and they will split the ears of the cattle (a common practice of the idol worshipers). I will persuade them, and they will change and corrupt the nature (of the order) of things that Allah has created.” Whoever takes Shaitan as his master instead of Allah, has indeed incurred a severe and significant loss! 

Well, satan is keeping his promise. He is bent to lead us to vain desires and wrong ways. Today, people are changing what they dont like. They have damaged the nature to the extent that there is no coming back in most cases. Many animals are extinct not because they died of natural causes, but because they died to fulfil the vain desires of men. In another place, Allah swt say;
[004:120] Shaitan holds out false promises to his followers, and arouses in them the wanton and vain desires. The promise of Shaitan is nothing but chicanery a deception.
This is the message of Allah swt for those who do not understand and keep on doing bad things. It is nothing but the deception of satan. And what is the deception of satan? Satan makes things look good and purposeful in our eyes. We do not see any harm in committing sins as far as we have not done it. Satan will fill our minds with thousands of excuses. When a sin is committed, only then many of us realize that it was a mistake. But those who do not realise it, they will realise it eventually on the day of judgement. Satan, on that day, will say that only Allah is his lord and that he never forcefully put any one in the wrong path. That day, the evil doers will see how they were deceived. This proves that satan is not a friend. He is the worst example of hypocrisy. What should be done , then? The answer is given in the following verse;
[017:019]  Provided he is a believer, anyone who desires (the rewards of) the afterlife and strives effectively for it, will discover that his efforts have found acceptance. 
Thus, the key is in striving for the good. None of us is perfect. We can never be angels. But what we can be is, good. This is why Allah swt say that if only we strive keeping in view the hereafter, then our deeds will be accepted. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “actions are judged by intentions.” so, if our intentions are good, they will be accepted. But If our actions are good and intentions are wrong, they will be rejected.

Those who take Allah swt as their friend will have Him not only in this world but He will be their friend and supporter in the hereafter as well. Remember, Allah swt is our lord. He created us and He knows all that we do not know. It is said that the company of a person suggests his character. If a person takes satan for friend, his character will eventually reflect that. But if a person takes Allah swt for his friend, then his character will reflect that. Allah swt say in glorious Quran;
[041:031] “We are your friends in the life of this world, as well as in the afterlife. There, you shall have anything your heart desires. There, whatever you ask for will be yours!” 
To have what we want, we must do what we should. 
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