Democracy and Islam

In Islam there is no place for such a system like Democracy because the ruler we know is not a human, but all the power is vested to the creator of all i.e. ALLAH.

“Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” [dictionary.reference.com]

In Quran ALLAH swt says: 95:8
Isn’t Allah absolutely the very Best of all the rulers?
Indeed, it ALLAH the creator of all and the ruler of all. There are many modernist scholars who go to lengths to support a system that is based on the concept of the ultimate power being in the hand of people. it is impossible that all of the men in the society are rulers. Imagine for a minute everyone claiming kingship. There will be left no human on the face of earth. So the sharp minds played this game and called democracy “rule of people” and behind this notion, they represented them in the name of “elected members” and played tricks to the people.

There are loads of examples of the flaws of democracy and how it was used against the same society to expropriate the rights of a huge population. A system which is based on the evil intentions and which is a tool to do as much corruption with covered as one can, cannot be supported by Islam, ALLAH swt has commanded us to speak truth and do justice with people, but in the democracy owned society, neither justice nor equality is prevailed.

The system of islam is based on simple grounds”ALLAH is the most high and most powerful and man is HIS vicegerent on earth”. so in the eyes of ALLAH good people are equal, here no one can claim to be good as we see as a common practice in the democratic system.

Democracy has failed in all what it claimed. In democracy, people were supposed to get justice, but instead they saw silently how their rights were expropriated and how they were ditched. This system has been promoted so much that even its illnesses are presented as its qualities.

AL-Quran 38:26
“O Dawood ! surely We have made you a ruler in the land; so judge between men with justice and do not follow desire, lest it should lead you astray from the path of Allah; (as for) those who go astray from the path of Allah, they shall surely have a severe punishment because they forgot the day of reckoning.”
In this noble verse, we see that ALLAH swt made hazrat dawood ruler in the land because He was given knowledge and He was the best suited person to lead the people to the guidance. But even then He was commanded to do justice among the people and to lead them to guidance. So, all power was not vested upon Him but only was assigned a duty, a task from ALLAH swt. This is what islam says.

Those, who support democracy even being muslims, they either do not read Quran or they do not care to understand it. A simple rule is to be noted here, islam says all power is with ALLAH, HIS men in the earth as rulers are the caliphs, the vicegerents who are to guide the masses with the commands of ALLAH. They are not to pass any bills based on their personal desires. Surely Islam is the religion of truth and it is distinguished because of its completeness.
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