Some Great Advises for Muslim Youth

Life is responsibility given to us by Allah. Therefore to lead it seriously and to understand the duty is what the most important thing to do is. Allah swt has said several times in Quran that to spend life in a way serving HIM is the purpose of life. But there are many few who understand the value of life.

In the age of youth, almost 90 percent of humans waste their time in useless activities. See what happens today. Young boys and girls spend their time in music, dance, driving, partying and they forget to offer the obligations which ALLAH swt has put on every muslim.

Al-Quran 2:281
“And fear the Day when you shall be brought back to ALLAH. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly”
To hold the book of deeds in the right hand means to lead a life considering it a responsibility and a trust that has been bestowed on us by ALLAH. We should be more than careful about our deeds when we are young. It is said that young age is the most dangerous age because this is that period of time when emotions are strong and high and logic is covered by them. Hence any step can be taken in any direction if due care is not taken. Shatan likes to shatter the iman of youngsters because children are innocent and shatan;s trick do not influence their innocents minds. In old age, a man already learns enough from his life to take some what sound decisions, but in young age, everything looks right which is thought. And every logic looks absurd and backward. This is why youth should be protected from satan.

The biggest problem with youth is that they fell into the trap of love and emotions easily. The love which is promoted through dramas and movies looks very good and precious but in reality, it is the biggest source to inject the evil practice of zina in society. In islam there is no place for “love” and there is not even a logic behind it. But still novels and biggest writers call it a mystery and unknown. It is neither mystery nor unknown. It is known. it bears no logic because it is a feeling led by wild emotions. Therefore to protect oneself from it should be the primary concern.

Singing and dancing was once considered filth and a degraded act but now it is considered a field of art. The art of emotions and life. There are songs made today especially to attract youth that contain very shirkia words where some times the holy words of Quran are sung with vulgar dance and sometimes God Is cursed. Similarly youth are shown dancing and enjoying life. The common belief in today’s young world is to lead life at full because the fun is full on and this time will not come again. Through the absurd term “fun” , illicit relationship and distance from God is been promoted.

The only target for youth is to be engineer or doctor but they do not want to find what is written in Quran and what was said by Muhammad s.a.w.w. parents like their children to be good at worldly activities but they do not encourage their kids to be good muslims. Young generation knows that there are characters that can find any danger to the world, the concept of God is been wiped out from their minds through high quality fiction movies and cartoons and video games. These video games are not for kids but youngsters through that they learn to kill, to deceive and to steal. They are gradually loosing humanity.

The only advice youth needs is that they should realize their duty and their value. They should read Quran and understand it. They should know how Muhammad s.a.w.w led His life and should learn how the pious muslims competed their duties and died a death of honor and dignity.
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