Islamic Point of View on Life After Death

Almost all the Major religions of the world believes in the life after death in different ways. If we talk about Hinduism the Hindus believes in Punar Janam which means that man again takes birth in this World after death and this process is continues.

The Christians believes that after death those who believes in Crucifixion of Prophet Jesus PBUH will go to Heaven while others will go to hell. Now I came towards the Islamic Belief about Life After Death that is also my topic of today. Islamic Belief about Life After death is that whoever will do good deeds in this World and will Worship God will go to Heaven and a person who will do bad deeds will go to Hell.

Muslims Believes that this life is a test for hereafter and if we will do good works in this world we will enter Heaven and if we will do bad deeds will will enter hell. When a Muslim dies his Funeral is offered after giving him bath and then he is buried. Funeral is actually a prayer for the person who has died. on the day of Judgement all the Humans will be presented in front of Allah Swt and they will be shown what they have done in this life. This life is a test for all the human beings and the result of this test will come in hereafter.

Allah Swt replies to those in Holy Quran who rejects Judgement day and says that how we can become alive again after dying? Allah Says in Quran if we can give you this life once is it difficult for us to make you alive  again?

no it is very easy for us. Allah Swt also says in Quran that those who done good deeds in the World and worshiped me will enter the Heaven and those who rejected our Signs and done bad deeds will go to Hell that is a very bad place.

Islamic Belief about Life After Death is very logical as compare to Beliefs of other Religions. because it tells us that we will get Heaven or Hell according to our deeds in this World. May Allah Swt help us in doing Good deeds and enter us in Paradise after Death.
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