Who Are Jabariyyah?

holy quran contains the message for those who think that they are only a game created by ALLAH swt and that they do not have any importance related to their lives.

This is the mentality of jabariyya. This group of people believes that there is no free will, whatever they do is pre written. Even if they do sin, it is written and nothing happens because of their choice. In short, they totally reject their purpose of life or the majesty of ALLAH swt. They feel free to do whatever they want to do and say that this all is pre written so their fates are already decided.

This deviated group worships ALLAH swt as if it is a duty imposed on them and they have to follow it willingly or unwillingly. In fact they do not see any will in their life as per their belief.

Rejecting free will means these people either do not understand Quran, or they have freed themselves “willingly” from the fear of the hereafter which should be there in every muslim if he wants salvation.

ALLAH swt has said several times in Quran that man is free to choose the course of action he wants to take. If he wants to do evil, it will be his choice and decision will be made based on his willing actions.

Wow, this group is so busted here because this holy verse speaks exactly opposite to what they say. Here we are told that we are given choice to do good or bad. If we do good, it will benefit us further if we do bad, it will wrong us more.  The claim of enforced life is busted clear cut without going in further talk. Then ALLAh swt says;

And whoever does evil or wrongs himself but afterwards seeks Allah's forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful)
This holy verse says that if we one does evil and later on he repents, he will be forgiven. Why will a person repent if he has no will at all? We repent only because we realize our mistakes and errors. And this realization is here only because we have free will. Robots, animals, birds have no free will. They lead a programmed life. If we are better than them it is only because with brain we have a free will. This is this free will of man that he makes his life either heaven or hell.

It is always better to understand our position in the light of Quran and sunnah rather than giving justifications to our acts as per our thinking.
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