Train Your Kids For Month of Holy Ramadan

The Holy Ramadan is the month of mercy and blessings and there are many great aspects of Ramadan like, fasting, prayers, moral values, charity and family with all these aspects, this is the month to train our kids whether they are your own kids or kids whom you teach or know somehow.

To educate and train a person is not a easy thing specially if we talk about the Kids. Children don’t bring empty minds they ask question which should be answered by their elders. The process of training requires efforts, energy and a few of techniques to take it off.

According to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) “No father has given a greater gift to his children than good moral training.” (Tirmidhi)

So here are some training tips which we need to follow while we train kids.

1. Let them get their hands dirty:

According to one philosopher “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Herbert Spencer. We know that children learn by doing according to Brunmer, Jerome.   Students retain 75% of a lesson when they learn through hands-on activities compared to 5% through a lecture or 10% through reading.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to bring his grandchildren Hassan and Hussein to the mosque as toddlers before they knew how to pray.

Hence a concept becomes real and acceptable for children only when they experience anything rather than only reading.

2. Involve their Emotions:

We know that children are emotional they take everything emotionally and get involved emotionally in everything they do. They really want to leave it as we can see video games tv shows targets the emotions of children and to be a teacher or a trainer we can also use the same technique  for training.

3. Reveal the Purpose:

It is very important to tie a reward on every exercise which they do, we often hear students complain why should we do this? And we simple answer them because you have to do this. So this is the attitude which make the motivation level of a child zero and he will not do his work properly so to make a child do work properly you need to tie a reward on every action of a child.

Excessive competition and comparison can often result in helplessness and lack of motivation for children who learn in different ways or at a slower pace. Allow children to judge their own progress and compare themselves to their former level rather than that of others.

Make this Ramadan the beginning of a memorable and long-lasting training experience for you and your children. Remember Me in Your Duas in This Ramadan.
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